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Here at Tumbles Play Gym we take the health of out customers and staff very seriously in regards to Covid19.

We are a Covid19 secure premises and here are some of the things we have undertaken to make us Covid secure.

We have a cover secure Risk Assessment where we have identified all the risks to staff, customers and delivery drivers and put in procedures to minimise risks.

We have all our social distancing measure in place such as floor markings on distance , one way system , taped table areas so customers feel safe at their table .


Track and Trace is also compulsory and we have our NHS cover QR code on display too for customers to scan.

We have signage reminding customers of procedures and the need to wear a face mask when moving around the play gym area and cafe area.

A clear perspex screen has been installed at the counter to protect staff and customers and masks must be worn unless eating or drinking.

We have hand sanitisers on entry, exit, counter and hand wash in the toilets.  Staff also have their own hand sanitiser on entry to the kitchen area too.

IR sensor has been installed in the toilets to rid the use of a light switch pull.

Toilets are cleaned and disinfected every hour and a cleaning rota is signed.

The door handles are sprayed regularly with a solution to keep them sanitised.

After every session the whole play frame and area is sanitised down, starting at the top of the play frame and working down. All mats are sprayed and wiped with an anti infection solution and left to dry.

The play mats are cleaned fully again at the end of the day, play pods, sensory area, balloon pod,  as the table area is with the recommended solutions.

The area is fogged at the end of the day, 3 times a week, with a Covid19 solution which activates on touch to the play area and left overnight to kill any bacterias. 

Windows are left ajar to circulate air flow 

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